Works So Far

2003 - 2012 Magikon ltd
sample of some video spot and commercials that i worked for
Touch Of Spice
creation of some buildings and elements for the shot
(only some of the buildings and elements there are created by me) 

Also, on my time there i was worked for hundreds of commercial spots,
some of the companies where :
Tellas,Fage,Coca Cola,Frog,Vodafone,P&G,Unilever,Nestle,Papadopoulou,ION and many more local companies.

2011 creation of elements and animation for a web site worked for Can Comminications
Screenshots from the Site

and for a web video game 
N'Joy A fast Ride to Rio

a  creation for an IT company.
Here is a custom Face Rigg i made for the Ant 

7Ala Twitter Instagram
Animation & Rigg on the characters

Junior & Dogs
Animation on all the scenes except the one
with the dog that is catching the ball

i-Bank Simple Pay
Animation on all scenes on the characters

Animations of the horses the soldiers and the Carriage and
the final scene with the dancing and the cheer with the beer glass.

Junior Magic Forest
A part of my work on animation. 
(The scenes with the dragon and the kids that eating, plus the poster with the stickers)
The same video can be found on the company Vimeo channel

Ferrano Yfantis
Was did half of the animation on the character like the ones on the chalk board and the kissing cam

Empire in Ruins
One of the characters in the Tower defense game